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Cheat Fishing legend (HACK)

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halo teman-teman dah lama banget ya blog ini kga update-update
kali ini saya tidak copas punya orang lain game editan saya sendiri ya usaha
langsung aja ketopik nya kalo biasa nya temen temen main game mancing ini tapi susah dapet duit nya
sama dapet ikannya atau lama nunggu dapet ikan nya
saya udah sediakan cheat nya liat di bawah ini

fiture nya dulu:
saat mancing umpan langsung disamber ikan (auto on)
1379 ( 100rb money)
234 / berapa lah saya lupa atau 2345 coba aja (yang jelas 9999 reputation)

klik di bawah ini untuk download

bagi temen temen yang mau request layar koment aja atau kirim pesan ke fb saya

Cheat Engine

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Download Cheat Engine
July 24 2013:Polish translation update for 6.3
dawio966 has updated the polish translation files. You can get them here

July 13 2013:Cheat Engine 6.3 Traditional Chinese translation:
Todobug has updated his language file to 6.3. You can get it here (Just extract to your languages folder in the Cheat engine install folder overwriting language.ini)

June 13 2013:Cheat Engine 6.3 Released:
A bit later than expected (way later) but here's Cheat Engine 6.3

If you encounter bugs or have suggestions, please do not hesitate to report them in the forum, bugtracker, irc or by e-mail.
And if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them in the forum or irc


  • Fixed dll injection for 64-bit targets (also fixes speedhack for 64-bit and windows 8)
  • Fixed speedhack thread safety so changing speed in a program that constantly checks speed won't cause a crash/weird behaviour
  • Fixed Lua speedhack_setSpeed being limited to 2 digit accuracy
  • Customtypes can now deal with huge size types (4096 bytes and bigger)
  • Some table merging bugs
  • Fixed negative values in groupscans
  • Fixed a lot of assembler and disassembler instructions
  • Fixed GenericHotkey in lua
  • Fixed the table version of writeBytes in lua
  • Fixed the bug where if you opened the settings window and click ok you wouldn't be able to debug anymore
  • Fixed unlabed labels
  • Fixed crash when clicking stop when using the debugger to find something
  • Fixed where CE would select invisible entries when multiselecting and press space
  • Loading a table now deletes tables you might have previously defined
  • The autoassembler can now handle $luavar when it's an integer instead of string
  • Fixed break on entry when creating a process
  • Fixed the stackview in 64-bit ce when targeting a 32-bit program
  • Fixed unloading the driver when global debug was used before
  • Fixed the symbolpath not changing to what you wish, and add the game's exe to the symbol path search by default
  • Fixed dbvm stability
  • Fixed global debug not handling 64-bit mov dr* instructions properly

  • Additions and changes:

  • Redesigned the lua class system (read main.lua)
  • Added mouse4 and mouse5 to the lua defines
  • Added the THREADSTACK# symbol which points to the stack start of the specific thread number (pointerscan can use it)
  • The pointerscan has several new features to decrease time and increase useful results
  • Added sorting the pointerscan by column (Tip: After a sort close the pointerscan and delete .ptr files you do not wish)
  • Changed hotkey handling internally
  • The different display types in the hexadecimal view of memoryview now support direct editing as well
  • The foundlist can now display using a different display type, on the condition that the type has a compatibly bytesize
  • The foundlist now shows a "previous value" column and marks differences red
  • The symbolhandler now has a better distinction between 32 and 64-bit modules. Non-compatible modules (64-bit in 32-bit programs) will get an underscore in front of their symbolnames
  • Groupscans can now let you choose which elements to add to the addresslist when doubleclicked
  • Added a graphical memory view
  • Added a new breakpoint type :Exceptions (not dependant on size and no debug registers, but extremely slow to unplayable)
  • The "Find out what *** this address" function now has the ability to show if the given opcode is used for other data as well
  • Added a luaserver to ce that you can use to let a different/target process execute lua commands and pass data
  • The userdefined comments can now show handle multiple lines
  • Dissect code now lets you jump to a referal if you click the line
  • Added a few new lua methods to the disassembler so you can render your own data in front and after a disassembler line
  • Assembler: Added override support to relative jumps
  • Auto Assembler: AA command ReadMem can now work on large sets of data without being too slow
  • Auto Assembler: Scripts with multiple AOBScan commands will go faster now (grouped into one)
  • Auto Assembler: Added a new "AOBSCANMODULE" auto assemble command . Usage: AOBSCANMODULE(modulename, aob)
  • Auto Assembler: GlobalAlloc now doesn't allocate 4KB (64KB in reality) for each symbol but now groups them
  • Auto Assembler: Registersymbol now works with aobscan results
  • Auto Assembler: Add support for inscript structure definitions
  • Tracer: You can now save and load a trace
  • Addresslist: Changing a records' value (lua setValue) now supports lua statements if the new value is enclosed by brackets [ ] (Example: [12-2] becomes 10, and [readInteger(0x00400500)+10] returns the value at 00400500 with 10 added to it)
  • D3D: Added the ability to dissect a whole d3d scene and get the stack at the moment a specific object is being rendered
  • D3D: Also works on 64-bit targets now
  • Symbolhandler: It now interprets "structurename.variablename" and returns the offset of variablename in the structure. This includes auto assembler
  • Binary files inside cheat tables are now stored using ascii85 instead of hexadecimal
  • Added a more complex disassembler class that gives more information about what it disassembled
  • Dissect data now also shows the effect of a locked column on childnodes
  • Dissect data can now have custom name under each address besides a groupname
  • Dissect data elements can now have a custom background color
  • The structure spider can now also work with locked memory (shadow memory)
  • Changed the way the vertical scrollbars of the disassembler and hexview panels work
  • The "find what acceses this address" window no longr prints out ALL results in the info box when multiselecting.
  • Changed the stackview panel so when it's visible and you resize the window it's on, it resizes instead of the hexview
  • The assembly scan can now have a custom range
  • Added an option to the trainerscript generator to generate a D3DTrainer (if the game supports it)
  • DBVM now works on AMD systems. Some features like Ultimap are still Intel only, but int hooks work

  • Post release fixes (max 7 days after initial release *or 30 if a HUGE bug):

  • 14/06/2013: Fixed getItems() for menu and add the default array indexer for Menu
  • 14/06/2013: Fixed select and scroll in the editor. Fixed import and export in 64-bit range memory. Fixed overriding the hide/show hotkey when using genericHotkey objects
  • 15/06/2013: Fixed the parameters of the stacktrace not showing the correct parameters. Fixed deleting the first entry of a foundlist
  • 16/06/2013: Fixed hex unchecking when changing the scantype. Fixed an assembler instruction. Added some hotkey timing functions to lua. Fixed Write*Localcommands
  • 18/06/2013: Fixed AA Define(xxx, previousdefine+xxx)
  • 30/06/2013*: Fixed int3 breakpoints not getting deleted when single stepping and threaded target
  • 30/06/2013*: Fixed case insensitive text scans

  • Update: Big thanks to SER[G]ANT for providing us with the latest translation files for the Russian language

    March 22 2013:Polish translation update
    dawio966 has updated the polish translation files. You can get them here

    February 25 2013:Spanish/Castilian traslation files:
    Manuel I. has updated his translation files and also attached a tutorial in spanish on how to use cheat engine.
    Spanish/Castilian(es_ES) translation files
    Again, just extract to your languages\ subfolder in the Cheat Engine folder, and adjust the .ini file if your windows language is not spanish

    January 30 2013:Polish translation
    dawio966 has provided us with the polish translation files for Cheat Engine. You can get them here

    September 13 2012:forcedinjection plugin
    Some people have been asking me why they can't use the speedhack in Chrome. That is because the chrome child process has no disk access (Limited user and untrusted mandatory level). It's pretty easy to make it usable again by changing a flag in the config, or just getting a different browser.
    But for those that couldn't get it to work, or those that wish to know more about plugins, I've made a plugin for Cheat Engine showing off how to make a hybrid plugin that uses both the lua framework and the exposed plugin api to rewire the injectDLL routine (more specifically, the functions it uses) so that it can force load a dll into the target process without the process having disk access.

    Download link: forcedinjection.rar
    How to use:
    Extract the files anywhere.
    In cheat engine go to settings->plugins
    Click add new
    Find the plugin .dll for the Cheat Engine version you use. (32 bit: -i386, 64-bit: -x86_64)
    Once it is in the list check the checkbox left of it and click ok.

    And if everything went right it's now functional and you should be able to do a speedhack on the target process. One thing to note about this plugin is that when it gets loaded, it will target itself. Even when restarting cheat engine. This is because it needs to rewrite itself. I could have done it without, but it shouldn't be an issue.
    For those interested, the sourcecode of this plugin can be found in the SVN

    June 3 2012:Cheat Engine 6.2 Simplified Chinese translation:
    linwuliao has updated the Simplified Chinese language file to 6.2. You can get it here

    June 3 2012:Cheat Engine 6.2 Traditional Chinese translation:
    Todobug has updated his language file to 6.2. You can get it here (Just extract to your languages folder in the Cheat engine install folder overwriting language.ini)

    May 21 2012:Cheat Engine 6.2 Russion translation:
    SER[G]ANT has already finished updating the translation files for this new update to russian. You can get them here

    May 20 2012:Cheat Engine 6.2 Released (And mac stuff):
    And again almost a year passed without any update. But here is the new and improved Cheat Engine 6.2

    If you encounter bugs or have suggestions, please do not hesitate to report them in the forum, bugtracker, or by mail.
    And if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them in the forum


  • Fixed the first plugin from not getting activated at restart
  • Custom types can now do an unknown initial value scan
  • Fixed the auto assembler highlighter from hiding some text while typing
  • Fixed the auto assembler highlighter from not showing hexadecimal values as hex starting with A to F
  • Fixed global debug from crashing in 64-bit (with dbvm)
  • Fixed dbvm from not working on several systems (freeze)
  • Fixed notification when closing and you had some changes
  • Fixed the rescan of the structure spider not working at all
  • Fixed several disassembler and assembler instructions
  • Fixed several plugin-system related bugs
  • Fixed aobscan for 64-bit
  • Fixed displaying the registers in 64-bit when using "find what xxx this address"
  • Fixed the stackview when single stepping through the code
  • Fixed several lua function, including createhotkey
  • Fixed the assembler not dealing well with names with a - in it. (like the tutorial)

  • Additions and changes:

  • Auto assembler scripts can now use the LuaCall(luafunction()) method to call a lua function before the script gets executed
  • Added a profiler so you can find function entry points and see how often they are called (Ultimap. Requires dbvm. Even in 32-bit)
  • Deleting a plugin now calls FreeLibrary on it
  • Ctrl+enter in the luaengine form now automatically executes the command
  • Added direct 3d hook functions (can be used to show trainers and menu's inside games)
  • d3dhook related: Cheat Engine can now bind the mouse inside the gamewindow for those games that do not support multiple displays, so no more losing focus when moving the mouse
  • Plugins settings between the 32 and 64-bit executable are now seperated
  • Recalculate addresses with only one selection now only updates the siblings and children. Doesn't touch the parent node
  • Addresslist entries can have the notation +xxx and -xxx, which will calculate the address based on the parent address (If the parent address changes, these change automatically
  • The structure dissect has been rewritten from scratch, and the functions have been exposed to lua as well
  • Added a new step to the tutorial (step9) showing how to deal with shared code
  • Made the tutorial translatable as well
  • Added a new trainer type which generates trainer that are a lot smaller in size (tiny)
  • Added a groupscan type which you can use to scan for different things in the same block
  • If you boot up with dbvm you do not need to sign the driver in 64-bit to load it
  • Custom types now support handling as a floating point value
  • Added debug register states to the threadview and made the threadview window capable of changing registers
  • Added remote scanning with ce for different systems. The server just needs to be running, and a 1GBPs network connection or faster is recommended
  • Also added an android server as a proof of concept, but getting a fast enough connection on those connections can be a challange
  • Changed the add/change address window to be more compact and make dealing with offsets easier
  • Lots of new lua functions
  • Post release fixes (max 7 days after initial release):
    21 May 2012: Handle the "Invalid Instruction" exception better, fix the memoryview window from disapearing, and fix the BSOD when loading the driver on Pentium 4 and earlier
    22 May 2012: Fix a deadlock when clicking stop in the pointerscanner. (And a minor assembler fix)
    23 May 2012: Fix form_showModal from not returning a result. Made the installer create the autorun folder. Minor gui fix for groups
    25 May 2012: Fixed the android server being replaced by the x64 linux server
    26 May 2012: Fixed api hooking in 64-bit (speedhack in java fix for win64 users)
    30 May 2012: Removed the linux server binaries from the installer, they are separate downloads now

    Also, there has been a Mac version under development and it's semi usable. Memory scanning works most of the time and the debugger also kinda works: Cheat Engine for Mac Version April 2012
    You can talk about it in this topic: or if the mac version becomes more popular I might create a new forum section for it.

    November 21 2011:Chinese Traditional translation files:
    todobug has provided us with the translation files for "Chinese Traditional (ch_tw)"

    November 13 2011:Back:
    The server is back up and your dns has been updated to this ip again.
    Most stuff will be working, but some stuff is missing and/or gone. (User attachments)

    Please note that you may occasionally see error messages while some adjustments are made

    November 11 2011:CRASH:
    The server is hosted on has crashed :(
    The forum's last backup was 3 weeks ago so that isn't too bad, but the attachments people uploaded after January 12th are lost. So those need to be reuploaded. is currently hosted on a secondary host while the new harddisk is being setup but that can take a few days.<
    The forum is currently down, but the downloads should work (6.1 downloads)

    for those that want to chat check out irc or the temp forum here:

    August 16 2011:Spanish/Castilian traslation files:
    Manuel I. has provided us with Spanish/Castilian(es_ES) translation files
    Just extract to your languages\ subfolder in the Cheat Engine folder

    June 7 2011:Chinese Simplified translation files:
    There's a translation file for another branch of Chinese (zh_CN)

    June 5 2011:Chinese Simplified translation files:
    Forum member aleax has provided us with Chinese Simplified translation files
    Also, here's a link to a chinese site which may be able to help you further

    June 3 2011:Cheat Engine 6.1 Released:
    It's time for a new release again. This mainly contains bugfixes that 6.0 introduced and implementing some old features that went missing from 5.6.1 to 6.0 (Trainer maker) The lua environment has been extended and some new features have been added that can make dissecting a program easier (for example the structure spider , last branch record recordign on Intel Fam6 and string map, comments in assembler, etc...)
    Also, translation support has been added so you can now create translation files (.PO files) which can be used to translate Cheat Engine. There is already a russian translation file. If you do a translation please send them to or pm in the forum and I'll upload them to the site

    link: Cheat Engine 6.1
    Russian translation files
    If you encounter bugs or have suggestions, please do not hesitate to report them

    Cheat Engine 6.1


  • Fixed DBVM from not working
  • Fixed

    Cheat colection

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    Loe susah cari cheat game ya kalo minat gua dah sediain nih berbagai macam cheat game
    Pertama loe tau ga' game dragon city klo loe suka main permainan tersebut ni dia cheat n tips nya   :

    Pertama cheat breed instant pake' cheat engine 5.6 or 6.1

    1 pertama buka dragon city
    2 buka cheat engine 5.6 or 6.1
    3 select your browser
    4 ganti value typenya 4 byts jadi double
    5 trus lihat berapa lama dragon mu di breed
    6 lalu scan code ini
    1 hour : 3600
    2 hour : 7200
    3 hour : 10800
    4 hour : 14400
    6 hour : 21600
    8 hour : 28800
    12 hour : 43200
    15 hour : 54000
    48 hour : 172800
    inget tergantung berapa lama dragon mu di breed
    7 setelah hasil scanya ada slect all dan ganti valuenya jadi angka 1
    8 ambildeh langsung hasil breed kamu mudahkan

    Cara download melalui Ziddu downloader

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    nih saya kasih tau setelah muter-muter keliling dunia (cie ile apa kaga capek hahahah)
    saya ketemu nih cara nya buat download file yang melalui ziddu downloader
    yap capek- capek dari kelas 1 smp tidak ketemu cara nya saya cari tau sendiri
    nih cara nya ada di bawah sini:

    1. pertama cari file yang akan di download file tersebut berformat contoh : PrineOfPersiaTheTwoThrones.rar.exe
    2. buka file nya seperti gambar dibawah ini
    lihat disini

    3. lalu klik run maka akan keluar gambar seperti ini lihat disini

    4. klik next saja
    5. klik decline pada file tersebut 
    lihat disini

    6. nah kalo ada yang keluar tulisan yes / no klik yes saja lihat disini

    7. maka keluar gambar seperti ini  lihat disini

    8. tunggu saja dan biasanya browser/mozzila/google chroom/operamini/apa tekek kek pas akan ketutup  otomatis tapi jangan khawatir komputer/laptop teman-teman tidak aja kenapa-kenapa.
    9. setelah beberapa saat akan muncul seperti ini lihat disini

    10.tunggu proses samapai selesai kalau sudah keluar lah jin nya ( dikira lampu aladin ya hahahah ) lihat disini

    11. hilangkan centang klo tidak mau membuka file yang sudah di download klik finish kalo yakin atau sudah

    Cara Membuat Daftar Isi Blog Secara Otomatis

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    Daftar isi blog ini berfungsi sebagai untuk memberi info daftar isi blog kita ke pengunjung. Jadi pengunjung bisa menelusuri konten yang telah kita tulis melalui widget daftar isi. Tapi di luar sana banyak yang memberikan tutorial membuat daftar isi blog menggunakan css dan javascript yang dimana bisa membuat loading blog menjadi sedikit agak lambat. Tapi jangan risau sob, disini saya akan share widget yang Ringan dan tentunya membuat cepat loading. Berikut adalah gambarnya :

    1. Buka Blogger
    2.  Lalu Buatlah Postingan baru. Bisa di posting atau di laman.

    3. Lalu pilih HTML di samping Compose

    4. Setelah itu copy di bawah ini
    <div style="background-color: none; border: 1px solid #000000; height: 400px; margin: auto; overflow: auto; padding: 3px; text-align: left; width: 100%;">
    <script src=""></script><script src=";alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=loadtoc"></script></div>
    5. Lalu ganti kode yang berwarna merah dengan url blog anda
    6. Kemudian Publishkan dan liat hasilnya

    Oke cukup sekian Cara Gampang Membuat Daftar Isi Otomatis
    Semoga Bermanfaat... 

    LOSTSAGA Indonesia Online Fitur Simple Attack, Defense, Anti skill ( Bisa Skill )

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    Download Free:
    Click Here
    No Password 

    Fiture :
    • Defense Super
    • Attack Up
    • Asap mode
    • Select Reward Dungeon
    • Anti Skill
    • Anti Banned

    Hotkey All Fiture : Auto On / Langsung Aktif No Ribet!

    Tutorial :
    • Buka LS
    • Buka cit
    • Login LS
    • Play LS
    • Muncul notice ( tekan Hotkey )
    • Happy game New mode

    Cara Membuat Workgroup

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    Bila kita memiliki 2 buah komputer dirumah, kita dapat menghubungkan komputer satu dengan komputer / notebook lainnya, sehingga kita dapat membuka file pada komputer 1 melalui komputer 2, begitupula sebaliknya. Umumnya, pada perusahaan-perusahaan, setiap komputer terhubung satu sama lainnya dengan tujuan untuk mempermudah pemindahan file.
    Untuk melakukan hal ini, anda perlu membuat workgroup terlebih dahulu.

    Cara Membuat Workgroup
    • Klik Start Menu > Control Panel
    • Setelah masuk ke menu Control Panel, klik System
    • Setelah masuk pada menu System Properties, klik bagian tab  Computer Name,  lalu klik bagian Change pada bagian bawah.
    LAN Workgroup
    • Centang bagian Workgroup dan isi dengan nama WORKGROUP (atau apapun yang ingin kita namai disana)
    • Klik OK, dan restart PC anda. :-)
    • Ulang langkah-langkah diatas pada komputer2 yg telah dihubungkan dengan nama workgroup yg sama, nama computer berbeda.

    Cara Setting Jaringan Workgroup Di Windows XP

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    Berikut ini merupakan salah satu hal yang mendasar dalam networking, yaitu mengenai Setting Jaringan Workgroup Di Windows XP yang berguna untuk menyambungkan 2 buah komputer atau lebih. Dimana terdapat beberapa keuntungan dari Sistem Jaringan Workgroup, yang antara lain :
    • Pertukaran file dapat dilakukan dengan mudah (File Sharing)
    • Pemakaian printer dapat dilakukan oleh semua unit komputer (Printer Sharing).
    • Akses data dari/ke unit komputer lain dapat di batasi dengan tingkat sekuritas pada password yang diberikan.
    • Komunikasi antar karyawan dapat dilakukan dengan menggunakan E-Mail & Chat.
    • Bila salah satu unit komputer terhubung dengan modem, maka semua atau sebagian unit komputer pada jaringan ini dapat mengakses ke jaringan Internet atau mengirimkan fax melalui 1 modem.

    Sementara untuk cara Network Workgroup Setup ini adalah :
    • Setting IP Address pada tiap komputer dengan class dan subnet mask yang sama.
    • Adapun cara setting IP Address yaitu klik Start menu lalu pilih Control Panel.
    • Di Category pilih Netwok And Internet Connection, lalu pilih Icon Network Connection.
    • Kemudian terdapat pilihan Network Adapter yang akan anda gunakan untuk menyambungkan ke jaringan. Pilih Network Adapter yang digunakan. Klik kanan iconnya, lalu pilih Properties.
    • Pada tab General di bagian “This Connection uses the following items :” pilih Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), lalu klik Properties.
    • Pilih Radio Button “Use The Following IP Address” lalu masukkan IP Address dan Subnet Masknya.
    Misalnya :
    IP Address :
    Subnet Mask :
    IP Gateway:  (jika memiliki gateway server)
    • Lakukan hal seperti ini pada komputer yang lainnya, dan tentunya alamat IP-nya harus dibedakan.
    • Setting Workgroup Computer, yaitu klik Start menu lalu pilih Control Panel.
    • Di Category pilih Performance And Maintenance, lalu pilih icon System.
    • Pada System Properties pilih tab Computer Name, lalu klik pada bagian Change.
    • Pada bagian Member Of pilih Workgroup dan isi.
      Misalnya :
      Workgroup : PPTI UNS
    • Lakukan juga pada komputer yang lain dan isi Workgroup dengan nama yang sama.
    • Kemudian restart komputer.
    • Setelah computer login lagi windows, masuk ke Explorer, pilih My Network Places.
    • Pilih Entire Network, kalau tidak ada klik kanan pada My Network Places lalu pilih Explore.
    • Pilih Microsoft Windows Network, lalu pilih nama workgroup yang anda masukkan tadi, contoh diatas yaitu PPTI UNS.
    • Akan terlihat komputer mana saja yang tersambung jaringan dengan workgroup PPTI UNS.

    Untuk mempermudah dalam setting workgroup  pada windows xp, harap mengikuti langkah kerja di bawah ini :
    1. Buka Control Panel ==> Performance and Maintenance ==> System. Perhatikan tab Computer Name. Alternatif lain, Icon My Computer ==> Properties ==> Computer Name.
    • Isi Computer description dengan deskripsi komputer anda, misal Client1
    • Klik Change ==> keluar Computer Name Changes,

    2. Computer Name Changes
    • Pada Computer Name :isikan nama komputer yang diinginkan (misal Client1, Client2, Client3, dst….)
    • Pada Member of, perhatikan yang Workgroup saja, isikan dengan group komputer yang diinginkan menjadi satu dalam jaringan (misal: PPTI UNS). Nama workgroup untuk masing-masing komputer yang ingin bergabung pada jaringan tersebut harus sama.
    3. Klik OK, tunggu sebentar sampai muncul kotak dialog Welcome to the  PPTI UNS workgroup. Restart PC untuk mengetahui perubahan. 

    4. Cek Workgroup dan Computer Name
    • Start ==> Explore ==> cari My Network Places ==> Entire Network ==> Microsoft Windows Network ==> cari Nama Workgroup.

    • Ketika nama Workgroup di klik 2X, maka list nama-nama ( Computer Name ) dari PC yang aktif/hidup akan muncul satu persatu.
    Untuk sharing file atau folder silahkan mengikuti langkah kerja di bawah ini :
    1. Klik kanan Start ==> Explore ==> cari folder atau file yang akan di sharing atau dimunculkan pada My Network Places (misal: My Documents)
    2. Klik kanan My Document trus pilih Properties ==> pilih Sharing
    3. Centang kotak kecil disamping tulisan "Shared this folder on the network"
    4. Centang juga "Allow network users to change my files" (Jika ingin membiarkan komputer lain bisa merubah file tersebut)
    5. Klik Apply ==> OK

    Semoga bermanfaat
    Febri Angkara. Diberdayakan oleh Blogger.
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